Our top 10 tips for working with render in the winter

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Winter is fast approaching!  Don’t get caught in the cold!  Here are our top 10 winter rendering tips!

1. Keep the substrate as dry as possible

Protecting elevations during the construction programme has the additional benefit of helping to enable application to continue during inclement or cold weather.

2. When not to work

Do not work with frosted materials, on frosted substrates or apply any formless wet materials in temperatures below 5°C unless using products specifically designed for winter working such as webermineral TF which can be applied at temperatures as low as 1°C.

3. Regularly monitor the forecast and plan accordingly

Be aware of the previous day and night temperatures.  Even if its 5°C outside the temperature could have been sub-zero a few hours previous and so the substrate is likely to still be freezing. 

4. Beware of rainfall

Do not work during rainfall or if rainfall is anticipated during initial set. Do not allow rain to strike newly applied material.

5. Check where the water feed is coming from

If it is coming straight from the mains it may be too cold.  Consider using a water butt stored inside for water additions or feeding machines.

6. Protect your finished surfaces

Render is susceptible to damage within the first 24 hours of application and must be protected in adverse weather conditions.

7. Clean your tools

Make sure you clean your tools at the end of the day.  Anything left wet or with water in it may freeze overnight.

8. Store materials correctly

Store all materials in a lock up off the floor or move them to a location that is heated or warmer prior to mixing and application.

9. Keep warm

Wear two pairs of socks and insulated boots. Standing on concrete or outdoor surfaces for long periods of time can make it difficult for professionals to stay warm.

10. Finally, take care of your hands!  

They are the greatest tool that you have!  Wear gloves and carry barrier cream and moisturiser in your van to help prevent dry or chapped hands.

So you’ve done the right preparation but do you have the right products?

Not all finishes can be used during winter working, but webermineral TF, a through-coloured, textured decorative finish for use with multi-coat render can be applied at temperatures as low as 1°C.  It’s rapid drying and fast setting to prevent wash off - ideal for winter working.   It’s easy to mix and apply and is available in four classic colours.

Click Compare to help you choose the right product for your project, if you need further assistance please email technical@netweber.co.uk