Weber UK

Locally Sourced, Locally Made

The UK is currently the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world and employs 2.7 million people. We are proud to manufacture from plants in Bedfordshire, Shropshire and Country Antrim, which ensures that our products are produced close to the markets we supply and that product quality is maintained throughout. 

Top quality is not the only benefit to sourcing materials and manufacturing locally…

Reduced carbon footprint

The fewer miles your products clock up on their way to you, the less damage they are doing to the environment. Manufacturing locally rather than using imported materials significantly decreases the mileage a product has to travel and in turn, the fuel required.

Saint-Gobain has just committed to net-zero carbon emissions by no later than 2050 responding to what the latest climate science indicates is needed to limit the worst impacts of climate change, so we are working hard to meet sustainability targets in order to improve the environment.

Less risk in the supply chain

Brexit-related uncertainty and changes in the value of the pound have provided more than a few sleepless nights for business owners over the past few years. Most businesses will feel some vulnerability, but those that work with manufacturers in the UK have fewer risks associated with their supply chain as they don’t need to import their materials or products.   With 84% of our raw materials sourced in the UK* we have removed a lot of the potential issues for our customers.

*84% by volume of raw materials and packaging are supplied by UK companies

Shorter lead times

The main reason we can produce products faster is because the materials spend a lot less time being transported to us and then after manufacture - less time in transit to our customer base.  A recent example of this in action was when less than 24 hours after an emergency order to supply materials to the Toddbrook Reservoir was placed, more than 8,600 bags of Saint-Gobain Weber technical mortar products were on site to help secure the failing dam.

We have a variety of delivery options to suit all needs from next day to a weekly Milk Run across the UK and Ireland. The milk run allows us to consolidate smaller deliveries for our customers in each region, meaning we can deliver as efficiently as possible, free of charge whilst reducing our CO2 footprint.

Customer care

The strength of the relationship you have with your customers often boils down to how easily you can communicate with them. Being able to meet in person and have a clear, two-way conversation are benefits of working with Weber.

We have contacts across the country for when only face-to-face will work and a full team of advisors available at the end of a phone!

Product origin

Customers care about where their products come from. Using UK suppliers helps to give them peace of mind that the products have been manufactured to a high, ethical standard. Saint-Gobain UK is committed to take steps to eradicate modern slavery in our supply chain.

Construction has the second highest rate of modern slavery and we have a duty to play our part in helping to address this, to recognise the signs and eliminate it.

Training and onsite support

Weber does not only sell products but the complete solution including the services that go with the products such as onsite support and training.

Our team of regional Applications Managers and the Saint-Gobain Technical Academy network allows us to reach our customers providing specifiers, developers and contractors with substantial support before, during and after contract periods.

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