How to apply render

How to apply render

Do you know your monocouche renders from your base coat renders? Better still, do you know how to correctly apply them? 

This #WeberBlog will go over some of our most popular render products and how to apply them with quick and easy video guides.

How to apply monocouche render

Since we brought monocouche renders to the UK & Ireland market back in the 1990s, they've stood the test of time as easy-to-apply and low maintenance solutions for rendering not only new build projects but also refurbishing existing homes and buildings.

Our weberpral renders are through-coloured one coat renders applied in two passes. Find out how to apply with a machine with this video:

weberpral M weberpral D Applying weberpral monocouche, through-coloured render with a machine is a real time-saver

How to apply one coat render

weberend OCR (or weberend MPR in Ireland) is our one coat base render product which can be used as part of multi-layer render systems. These are often popular when applying decorative finishes such as a tyrolean, travertine, or textured finish product and are a versatile and convenient choice.

Find out how to apply weberend OCR below:

weberend OCR See for yourself how easy it is to apply weberend OCR, a basecoat render suitable for use with our range of decorative finishes

How to apply dry dash render

Dry dash render is a popular choice when the façade of a building requires additional weather resistance, particularly when a home or building is close to the expanses of water or large wooded areas where there is more moisture in the air.

Watch our video on how to apply weberend one coat dash, our dry dash receiver which can be applied in a single coat:

Weber are pleased to launch our new high performance weberend one coat dash, a one coat render that can receive a dry dash finish without the need to apply a base coat or a second pass.

How to apply a Tyrolean render finish

Over the years Tyrolean decorative finishes have remained a popular choice for façades. Giving an open, honeycomb effect, Tyrolean decorative finishes must be applied onto a base coat render. 

This video shows you how to apply our Tyrolean decorative finish, cullamix tyrolean:

cullamix tyrolean See how easy it is to achieve a tyrolean finish with our tyrolean render video

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