How to achieve a roughcast texture finish

How to achieve roughcast render finish

Roughcast or sprayed texture is a finish which perfectly complements a more traditional building style. Our range of monocouche renders are made to be finished in either scraped or roughcast textures, and they have both algae and UV resistance.

weberpral monocouche system

The weberpral monocouche system is suitable for application directly onto various types of masonry including brickwork, blockwork, and concrete.

Do you need a preparatory key/stipple coat?

Monocouche is a through-coloured, one coat render which is suitable for application onto various types of masonry including brickwork, blockwork, and concrete.

Renders are not adhesives and therefore require a substrate with good suction and key to ensure good adhesion. If you are applying onto either of the following, further considerations apply:

  • Brickwork without recessed mortar joints
  • Concrete

In these circumstances, application of a stipple coat — also known as a key coat — such as weberend aid is required. Use our guide on rendering onto surfaces with poor key to learn how to do this. Once suitable key has been achieved, it is possible to apply a Monocouche render such as weberpral M (or weberpral D in Ireland) and finish with a spray roughcast texture. Application tutorials can be found on the relevant product pages.

Colour charts

Monocouche renders are available in a range of popular colours from the ever-popular neutral shades such as Chalk, Silver Pearl and Beige, to our more colourful options such as Earth Red, Mushroom and Stone Grey.

Colours shown with an asterisk (*) are only available in weberpral M.

Things to consider

  • For render boards: Our Monocouche renders are not suitable for application onto render board, instead consider the weberend MT system.
  • For insulation board: If you are looking for a roughcast finish to go onto insulation board, instead look at the webertherm XP system.

See how it's done

Once monocouche render has been applied, select a 10mm nozzle for spray texture, check the nozzle depth, and apply the spray finish.

Watch the video tutorial to see how it's done.

weberpral M weberpral D A spray texture or roughcast finish can be achieved by machine application of weberpral through-coloured, one-coat renders

An extra layer of protection

Our monocouche renders have both algae and UV resistance, but for more protection, consider applying weberend protect.

This highly hydrophobic, colourless coating protects renders from water, oil and graffiti whilst maintaining the appearance of render and allowing it to breathe.

More about weberend protect →

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