Rendering over painted render and backgrounds

Backgrounds such as render covered with paint result in a weak interface which isn't suitable for rendering directly onto. More importantly, rendering over paint is not in-keeping with good building practice – delamination, crazing and cracking are highly likely outcomes.

You will need to first remove the paint before prepping the surface and finally applying the new render. Alternatively, you may wish to apply a decorative finish, instead.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Remove paint

    Firstly, the paint will need removing by either sand blasting, grit blasting, or scabbling. Do not use chemicals.

    Note: It is important to ensure that all paint has been fully removed before proceeding to the next step.

  2. Clean surface

    It is important all dirt and organic growth is fully removed and cleaned as this can create a weak intermediate layer and affect the performance of the new render.

    Larger pieces of dirt and organic growth may be removed with a soft brush. Following this, a render biocide cleaner such as weber CL150 must be used to kill spores and prevent further growth.

    See our guide on using weber CL150 to find out how to do this.

  3. Apply stipple coat

    Now the substrate is clean, weberend aid stipple coat render may need to be applied if the suction and key is not sufficient.

    weberend aid will be required when applying onto:

    • Blockwork of an unsuitable density (1350-1450kg/m³ is a suitable density)
    • Brickwork without recessed mortar joints
    • Concrete

    It is important that the final texture achieved should be a deep, heavy stipple finish with a textured depth of 5-10mm.

    For product details or a more detailed application tutorial, please visit the weberend aid product page.

  4. Apply new render

    Apply choice of new render and finish as desired, bearing in mind that the entire render system must not exceed a total thickness of 25mm.

    We recommend using a through-colour monocouche render:

    If preferred, you could instead use a base coat render such as weberend OCR and then add a decorative finish.

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